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Avenue Number Five
Seville, Spain (1992)

This public space, garden, and restaurant complex is designed for one of the five main pedestrian corridors, at the 1992 Seville World Expo. During the world's fair, it housed a series of five dining facilities and after the exposition it became the centerpiece for a new Columbian Park to showcase historical artifacts related to the voyages of Columbus. The SITE concept is designed as a narrative experience, celebrating the ribbon-like shape of the Guadaquivir River and its history as the route to the sea for fifteenth Century nautical explorers. It is a microcosmic representation of the regional topography and, from an environmental standpoint, it uses architecture as a system of climate control. In the summer heat of Seville, this project represents an ideal example of natural cooling by means of water and vegetation. A three hundred meter long, six meter high, glass water wall and a massive "lifted landscape" of regional vegetation encloses the restaurant/exhibit areas and the monorail station. Each facility is shaded by a combination of landscaped roofs, tall trees, vegetated columns and a vine-covered trellis.

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