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Ross's Landing Park and Plaza
Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA (1992)

Ross's Landing Park and Plaza is part of a riverfront revitalization program, associated with a $100 million mixed-use development project on the Tennessee River in Chattanooga. This area is both an important historic center in the community, as well as the site of the Tennessee Aquarium. The surrounding park and plaza is intended to soften the effect of this imposing architectural mass and integrate it more effectively with the heavily vegetated riverfront. To create a microcosm of the entire context - including its urban grid and flowing landscape - the site is articulated by a series of thirty-five longitudinal bands of paving in different materials. These ribbons chronologically record the history of the city and, in certain locations; rise above the surface to form undulating bridges, performance shelters, and water features. The ground surface is also used as a time-line to commemorate such events as the Civil War, the construction of the railroad, the beginning of blues music, and the formation of the Tennessee Valley Authority.

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